Make Money on eBay - Give Video Products a Try!

To amake money on eBay requires creativity and initiative. For those who are creative one of the best mediums for developing and selling information products is video. Video offer some great advantages to eBay sellers.

Unlike the reading that is required of e-Books and e-Reports, video uses two of the viewer’s senses; both site and hearing. This increases the potential for higher comprehension of the information. Many find watching a video to be much more enjoyable than reading as well.

With a little extra work, the sense of touch can be added to video as well. This happens when there are demonstrations that are followed by exercises or hands-on work by the viewer. Again retention of the materials is increased when this is done.

Amake money on eBay by developing a video product that will draw viewers into the topic. Make the video interesting by adding a little humor, or by telling stories as the video unfolds. This doesn’t require a higher degree in film making. It does require a little imagination and creativity however. All of that makes the creation of the video fun for the seller as well.

Be sure that you read, understand and follow all of eBay’s rules and guidelines. Check them out before you start creating your video. That knowledge will ensure that after the work is completed you are ready to move forward and begin selling.

It is possible to amake money on eBay by developing new and unique video products. You can share your hobbies or special knowledge and skills with a huge audience. Video products can be fun to produce and they can find a ready market.

To Your eBay Success!

Tips For Buying At Online Auction Sites

If you are new to purchasing merchandise or services at online auction sites you may not know what to look for before you make a purchase. You want to be sure that you get quality merchandise for a great price from a trustworthy seller. The following are a few tips to remember when you are going to buy at online auction sites.

Tip #1 - Read the Description Thoroughly - If you are going to purchasing a product online at an auction sites you need to make sure that you read the description of the product in its’ entirety. You want to be sure that you know exactly what you are considering and what kinds of terms they have in mind. Reading thoroughly is very important because it will make you aware of payment options, shipping options and more.

Tip #2 - Check the Cost of Shipping - When buying from online auction sites it is also very important that you check out the cost of shipping before you purchase an item. As the buyer, you are responsible for paying the cost of shipping, but various sellers set different rates for shipping costs. Some rates are reasonable, while other sellers drive up the rates until they are totally unreasonable. You want to be sure that you pay no more than you have to in order to receive your item in a timely manner. Also check out which methods of shipping you will get for the money you will have to pay.

Tip #3 - Check the Seller Feedback - Taking a look at the seller feedback is very important if you are going to buy from an online auction. You want to be sure that the seller is trustworthy and see what other people have to say about this seller. If you see that the seller has had a great deal of negative feedback recently, then you may want to try purchasing the product from a seller with better feedback. You may also want to beware of purchasing from seller who have no feedback at all as well.

Tip #4 - Research Prices - Before you go ahead and make a purchase in an online auction, you need to take the time to do your homework. Be sure that you research the prices of the products that you are going to buy. Sometimes you may find that the seller is selling the product for far more than it is worth, and you may be able to get it cheaper from someone else. You should never make a purchase blindly because doing so may result in you getting the bad end of the deal. Doing the needed amount of research on the product will be worth the time you spend in the end.

If you are new to the online auction world, then you need to make sure that you keep these tips in mind. Buying at auction sites can be great, but you need to make sure that you do so only after you are aware of important things to look for. Consider your purchases carefully and the sellers that are selling them, and you will be better able to make the right decision.

5 Tips to Secure Your eBay Account

Most people know that the incidence of online fraud is increasing. Every day you read where credit card numbers are being stolen and identity theft is becoming a common occurrence. Some of this is due to the increasing knowledge and boldness of the cyber crooks, but a good deal of it is occurring because the average "lazy" web surfer has failed to implement any sort of security protocol. Here are 5 simple tips you can implement right away (today...), to make your eBay experience safer and more enjoyable.

Choose a strong password...

Most people overlook simple things. When was the last time you changed your password? Does your password have numbers AND letters? Is it a minimum of eight-characters long? A strong, hard to guess password is necessary to secure your account.

Don’t follow links to reach eBay...

What a simple way to safeguard yourself. Whenever you enter PayPal information, make sure you do so directly on the homepage at If you are using Internet Explorer, look for authentication in the address bar (it should be green). Spoofing websites mimic original websites in look and feel, but will have some notable differences in the address bar. Also, make sure that you don't click through to eBay or PayPal from text links, or the emails you get in your 'Inbox' or 'Bulk Mail' box.

Use the eBay Toolbar...

Like it or not, you will get emails claiming to be from eBay or other sellers, giving you a link to follow and asking you to enter your eBay USER ID. Such emails, that you think are from eBay, but are really fraudulent are called "phishing" emails. The senders are attempting to steal your eBay identity by fraudulently securing your username and password. The eBay toolbar, offered as a free download from eBay, will verify that you are on the actual eBay website and will alert you to fraudulent websites.

Update Your Antivirus Software...

Antivirus programs that can catch "Viruses and Spyware" are a required item on your hard drive when surfing the net. Viruses can damage your computer operating system, and Spyware will monitor every website you visit as well as every keystroke you make. These malicious programs can run in the background undetected unless you have proper Antivirus / Antispyware software installed. You should also install and activate a good firewall to keep "outside influences outside" (Internet Explorer has a basic firewall included).

Monitor you account regularly...

This is an easy one to overlook. Check your account frequently for any unauthorized listings, emails, or charges. If you observe suspicious activity, you will need to contact eBay quickly to avoid further difficulties.

By taking a few minutes and implementing these 5 security tips you "WILL" make your eBay experience safer.

The Only Good Traffic is Targeted Traffic

Many people will tell you that any traffic is good traffic. Now, that is a very interesting concept. So if someone who is interested in cars is redirected to a site about pig feeding, you mean to tell me that is GOOD TRAFFIC? Oh please, the only people who tell you any traffic is good traffic are those who are trying to sell you something.

The truth is: The Only GOOD Traffic is TARGETED Traffic - and I will tell you why.

Let me ask you this question: Is it better to get 1000 random visitors to your site per day or 10 buying visitors to your site per day?

Think about it, if you are selling a product for $27.00 and a bunch of people who most likely have no interest in what you are selling visit your site in one day, how much do you think you would make for that one day?...Well what’s 27 x 0? (Or 27 x 1 if you are lucky)

Now how much do you think you would make if you got 10 targeted customers to you site in one day? 27 x 10 = 270. $270.00 a day is not bad, in fact, it is fantastic. You can quit your existing JOB with that kind of money. How much do you think $270 a day would mean for your monthly income? 270 x 30 = $8100....8100 x 365 = I think you get the picture of how important targeted traffic is for your website.

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings about traffic building

37 Powerful Traffic Tactics and Sources That are Commonly Overlooked

In online business, traffic is pretty much equal to money, assuming of course that your traffic is targeted. And for that same reason, the majority of your time is probably spent trying to drive traffic to whatever it is your selling. Many people are a victim of their own arrogance when it comes to getting traffic; are you on of these people?

For most people, traffic consists of 2-3 sources, usually SEO, PPC and perhaps some paid text link ads. The truth is, SEO and PPC are great, but they're only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to traffic.

Below is a list of what I consider to be the best traffic sources, in no particular order. After testing conversions on your campaign, you should try each and everyone of these traffic tactics, why not? Afterall, the more traffic you have, the more sales you will make, and the more money you'll have in your pocket. Then you can go get your wife that face lift she's been needing for the last 10 years (just kidding - probably more like 5 years).

1. Pay Per Click Traffic (Adwords, MSN Adcenter, Yahoo, Adbrite etc.)

2. SEO (Natural organic traffic from search engines)

3. Paid banner advertisements (TribalFusion, adwords, commision junction etc.)

4. CPA Networks (Cost Per Action Networks - Modernclick, CPA Empire, Azoogle Ads etc.)

5. MySpace/Friendster/Facebook etc. (social networking)

6. Social Bookmarking (Furl,, etc.)

7. Video Submissions (Youtube, Google Video etc.)

8. Press Release (PRweb and smaller press release networks)

9. Directory Submissions (paid directory submission, mass directory submissions etc.)

10. Forums (post on relevant topics, links in signature etc.)

11. Tag Sites (sites that let you tag and link back to relevant pages)

12. Legitimate Blog Posting (post relevant comments on blogs, with link back to your site)

13. Sponsored Newsletter Ads (pay to include your ad in large online or offline magazines)

14. Classified Ads (, offline newspapers)

15. Magazine Ads (pay for magazine ads in relevant print magazines)

16. RSS Feed Submissions (submit your RSS Feed to various directories/aggregators)

17. Co-Registration (purchase co-reg leads and direct them to your site or newsletter)

18. Create a Newsletter (to get repeat sales, repeat traffic, customer loyalty etc.)

19. Page Generation/Cloaking (mass automated page generation and cloaking)

20. Text Link Ads (purchase text links on quality sites;, etc.)

21. PayPerPost (purchase posts on relevant, quality blogs;

22. Reviews (purchase review(s) on

23. Articles (write or have quality articles written and submit to major article networks;,, etc.)

24. Squidoo (create and promote a relevant squidoo page)

25. StumbleUpon

26. Viral Campaigns (offer a free viral report or useful download etc.)

27. Affiliate Program (create an affiliate program so affilites can drive traffic to your product)

28. Business Cards (include your URL on your business card, and hand them out)

29. Word of Mouth (encourage people to tell their friends, family, co-workers etc.)

30. Tell-A-Friend Script (include a tell a friend script on your website, offer a bonus for referring friends)

31. Software Submissions (if you have a software product, submit it and other free software sites, offer a trial version)

32. Create a blog and offer quality content to gain loyal customers/visitors.

33. Other Web 2.0 Sites (their are hundreds of social networking sites begging for exploitation)

34. Carvertising (include your url on your car)

35. TV/Radio Advertisements (tv and radio advertising are cheaper than you think and can do wonders for branding and driving traffic)

36. Buy Qualifiied Leads (there are many lead brokering companies that actually sell legitimate pre-qualified leads in a variety of niches)

37. Create a Buzz (a good example is the MillionDollarHomePage which created a media buzz and drove a *ton* of traffic and a million dollars in sales).

There you have it, 37 powerful traffic tactics that you can use regardless of what your selling. Now don't be lazy, take action, and make things happen. Only action will get results.

Ways To Make Extra Cash Online

There are numerous simple and easy ways to make some extra cash online. This article will give you some ideas.


One of the best ways to earn some extra cash online is by taking surveys. There are many companies that need consumer opinions on a wide range of topics, and many of them will pay you money or with points you can redeem for cash or prizes. It's easy and free to signup and the more surveys you take, the more money and prizes you will get. It just takes a small investment of your time.


If you have decent writing skills, there are many publishers and content distributors who need content for their websites. Two such sites are and, they will pay you for each article you write. You don't have to be a fantastic writer either, just have a good grasp of English and be able to write something of interest on a given topic.


Blogging is fun and easy and, again, you don't need great writing skills. You just need to be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas well. You can get your own customizable blog by getting a domain and hosting package that includes the Fantastico module. This module allows you to install the blogging software, WordPress, with 1 simple click. It's super fast and easy and you'll be blogging in no time. Once you have some visitors, you can add Adsense ads or affiliate ads to leverage your visitors and make money from them. Remember, the more interesting your topic, the more people will be interested, and the more readers you get, the more money you will make from your advertising. Blogs can be about anything, what do you have a passion for? What is your interest? Blog about it!

Affiliate Marketing

Many online companies have affiliate programs., for instance, has a great affiliate program that allows you to sign up and get a customized URL to any page or area of their site. Then you can send this URL to your friends and family and encourage them to buy gifts from With every purchase from your affiliate link, you get a commission! There are thousands of other affiliate programs out there, in addition to Amazon's program.

Sell Your Extra Stuff

We all have extra stuff laying around our houses or garages. Why not get rid of it and make some money too? Get your stuff and take a picture, write a description and put it up on eBay. You may find that something you thought that wasn't worth anything, is actually worth something!

Contests, Sweepstakes and Instant Win Games

Everyday there are new contests, sweepstakes and instant win games launching. If you are vigilant and spend an hour or a few a day entering contests and playing these games, you will win something eventually. Playing these games and contests is often fun anyway, so why not take a chance? Check out for a great list of contests, sweepstakes and instant win games.

Free Lottos

You know how you go to the convenience store every week and spend a few bucks on lottery tickets? Well, there are also online lotteries where you can get tickets and win cash prizes. The difference is, these lotteries are free! Yes, free! You can find a list of free lottos at

Online Casinos

There are hundreds of different online casinos on the web. I bet you thought that you needed money to play at them and win? Well, you were wrong. You can signup for free poker tournaments that have cash prizes. There are also slot, roulette and blackjack tournaments that you can play that have real money prizes. All for free! Check out and for listings.

Home Based Business- 7 Great Reasons to Start Your Own

Are you tired of working for someone else, always working more but never getting paid more? Are you tired of never being able to show up for your child's school events, because you have a boss breathing down your neck?

Millions of Americans are starting their own home-based business. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, have a masters degree or a high school diploma. You can start your own home-based business with very little start up cost. I'm going to give you a few reasons why you should do this.

1. More time with family- This is something we all want. Think about this. You work 9-5. This is eight hours a day spent with your boss and coworkers, not counting the hour it took you to get to work and back home. You arrive home at 6 pm. Your kids are so excited to see you. They want to tell you all about their day at school. You try to listen attentively while you cook dinner. After you have all eaten and maybe watched a television program together, it's time to put the kids to bed. It's now 8:30 pm. You read the kids a short bedtime story. They quietly drift off to sleep. You look at their precious little faces, and your heart aches that you don't get to spend more quality time with your family. Why should you have to give your boss and coworkers the best part of you?

If you're a parent with a traditional 9-5 job, this is probably something you deal with everyday. You go to work day in and day out, spending the best part of the day with your boss and coworkers. You are left with just a few short hours when you get home every evening to spend time with your kids and husband while in between you are trying to cook dinner. This isn't how it should be, but you ask yourself, what else can you do? You are stuck in the daily grind of your job. You still have bills to pay and groceries to buy. Why not think about starting your own home-based business.

You don't have to be worried about quitting your current job to do this. Get on the internet and start looking. You will be overwhelmed at first. A home-based business can offer you the quality time with your family you truly deserve.

2. Flexibility- How many people can honestly say they go to work in their PJ's every morning, take a break whenever they feel like it, and run errands whenever they want to? A home-based business can offer you this kind of flexibility. Most people can't afford to quit their day job to start a new business, but it's ok. Here's where the flexibility part begins to play in.

Most home-based businesses can be started on a part time basis. You may only work your business a few hours a week. It's not the quantity of time, it's the quality of time you put into it that matters. Work your business whenever it fits into your schedule. It may be late after the kids go to bed or it may be early before anyone gets up. You decide!

3.NO Boss- Do You get tired of punching a time clock, someone constantly looking over your shoulder, telling you when and where to take a break? With your own home-based business, you're the captain of the ship. You are the boss. This means you are going to have to be disciplined. No one is going to do it for you. Just because you are at home doesn't mean you can spend 6 hours a day watching your favorite soap opera.

Write down some goals. This will help keep you focused as you grow your new business. Always know your "why". This is very important, as this is the reason you started your new business. When things get tough and you get frustrated, remind yourself of your "why".

4. NO Commuting- How would you like to save the money you spend every week on gas and use it towards a vacation. The average American is spending anywhere between $2.15-$3.00 per gallon of gas. What if you are driving sixty to a hundred miles round trip to work. Look at the money you could be saving in gas alone if you do not have to commute.

Plug in the numbers and see for yourself what kind of savings you could have. Not only are you going to be saving on gas, but the wear and tear on your car. This all adds up quickly.

5. Financial Stability- Do you avoid checking your mail like the plague because your afraid of what is inside. Does your phone ring off the hook because creditors are hounding you? If this sounds like your life, you may want to think about starting your own home based business. Starting your own business can give you that extra income you need to pay off those bills without quitting your current job. Once you get your feet on the ground, if you are willing to give your business 1-3 years for growth, you could surpass your current income while saving in other areas.

Most Americans carry an average of $8-$10,000 worth of credit card debt. Almost anyone can get a credit card these days. Most people should have only one credit card for emergencies. Think about getting one with a small credit line. If you only have a $1,500 credit limit, you can probably handle this. If you have one with a $5-$10,00 credit limit, you can get in over your head before you know it. I say this from experience. The smaller credit balances are better.

Financial freedom is something we all dream about, but for most of us it's not going to happen with our current jobs. The right home-based business has the ability to offer you and your family the financial freedom we all long for.

6. NO Daycare- Wouldn't it be a great feeling each morning to wake up and know your children are going to be with you all day and not some stranger? This is one of the hardest decisions we as parents have to make after having children. Having a home-based business allows you to stay at home with your children full time. You will be the one to hold them when they are sick, see their first steps, and hear their first words.

If you are one of the lucky parents who are fortunate enough to have friends or family who can watch your children when you are at work, great! But most aren't that lucky. You have to rely on daycare to take care of your children when you're at work. You try and tell yourself, ok, these are licensed staff members I am leaving my children with. But the thoughts of leaving them with strangers at all, makes you sick. Maybe your kids cry everyday when you leave them. That makes for a long, guilt-ridden day at work. I say this because I have been there and know what it feels like.

Your kids are going to get sick from time to time, but the odds of them getting sick as often it they are home full time with your are much less than if they are in daycare everyday. This means no calling into work, telling your boss you can't come in because you have a sick child. You will be home with your child to comfort him or her when they are sick, play with them, and take care of them when they are hurt. This is priceless and no one can do it better than you.

7. Tax Advantages- Many people don't realize the tax advantages offered with a home-based business. I definitely do not claim to be a tax expert, but there are many common things that can be deducted depending on what your business is